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                The integration of blockchain into my career as an artist was almost as rigorous as it was necessary. In an age where information is present at our fingertips, staking claim to intellectual property increases in difficulty almost daily. Content creators nab at ideas without so much as a second thought, almost as readily as larger players like social media giants access user data at no cost or benefit to the user in question. Watching as my efforts in providing new, engaging photography met with a small wave of support in the form of fictitious ‘likes’ while the locations, styles, angles and concepts – all my brainchildren – kidnapped by others trying to influence and engage. With the larger implications of a blockchain foundation forever recording immutable records of transactions, I do not fear for plagiarism or theft of my thought. The advantages of blockchain technology do not stop at defensive measures either.
                The tokenization of user generated content is most likely one of the most brilliant concepts to touch my life. The manic adoption and fear of missed opportunity surrounding large assets of digital currency is not in my focus. A specific, unique adoption of the underlying platform granted an honest artist like myself the opportunity to produce work at the consumption, appreciation, and subsequent reward of the audience of members on the platform. An even wilder notion exists in that a skill or trade is not a prerequisite to participate and earn either. The last six months demonstrated a sore need for a platform that respects and rewards users, as the users are the very lifeblood of any site or application. The solution and the main consumer of my past half year is the site: Steemit.com.
                I do not offer much advice to others, as it’s clear that good knowledge often is kept to oneself rather than shared. But I implore anyone truly interested, to seek out a proper education on the space surrounding decentralization via a platform like Steemit. I learned more about myself and my craft in mere months, a fraction of the time it takes for progress to bear fruit. And more reassuring than that, in six months, I made the first couple steps towards financial freedom. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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